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What is Ostado?

Ostado is an online tutoring platform that helps students to find a proper English tutor in a safe and secure online environment. Ostado has provided the best tutors list where students can see every tutor's resume, skills, nationality, and all vital information needed for choosing a private teacher. You can compare the tutors and pick one.

Ostado as a tutoring website will also help you narrow the selections and choose one based on your needs. Our priority is to make learning English easy and affordable. As an online tutoring site, we are committed to suggesting you the best tutor by focusing on the skills you need.

From which countries and cities can I take classes?

All the learning processes in Ostado are online. So, no matter where you are right now! You can choose your tutor first, then start your class with a private tutor from the comfort of your home.

What age group can take online classes in Ostado?

All the individuals who need to learn English can have a private tutor. No matter what grade or age you are. Ostado can help you find a proper tutor for yourself or your child. 

How much should I charge for private teachers?

The rates of online private tutors differ based on factors such as the tutor's experiences or the course level. There is a price range for the tutors that you can choose your proper one from this range which is available on our tutor list. In addition, you can always see every tutor's rate on their introduction page.

How can I cooperate as a private tutor?

If you want to start your job as a tutor, you can sign in on Ostado and write your skills and resume. We will evaluate your resume, and after qualification, you can start your job as an online English tutor!

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